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Hello Kuniko,

Thank you for contacting Audible!

When publishers decide to publish a work, they acquire the rights to distribute that particular title in certain regions of the world. Audible must abide by these restrictions, and we’re aware that this could be an inconvenience to our customers.

If you’re browsing the Audible website but aren’t signed in, you‘ll see all of the titles we provide. But once you sign in,  the listing may change. This is because once you are signed in, the website can determine your geographical location and will list available Audible books accordingly.

Your geographic location is based on the billing address of the default credit card and country the issuing bank of the payment information is in. For instance, if you currently reside in England but your card was originally issued by a bank located in another country, your account will be identified using that country as your geographical location.

However, if an title is restricted from your region, you can submit a content request to and request availability for it in your region. While we can’t guarantee a positive result, please know that we are constantly working to expand our catalog and will do our best to make your favorite titles available to you.

Thanks again for contacting Audible. We’re here 24/7.






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