Chronological reading hints up to chapter 3

Early 1864  Lauderback signed the document to make Godspeed to Frances Wells (Carver).

                        (Lydia had already been a wife of Carver since then)

January 1865  Balfour’s partner retired.


February/March 1865 Lauderback received an annual receipt, paid in full by Alistair Lauderback.  It was contrary to the fact.  It went on westbound voyage across the Tasman many times.

   (dresses were the shipment )


July 1865  Carver bought the share of Aurora Mine

     (Emery Stains owned Aurora Mine)


11th, October 1865  a deed without signatures,it said : Emery Stains gives 2000 pounds to Anna Wetherwell; with the signature of Crosbie Wells which was found by Cowell Devlin


12th of January, 1866

Cowell Devlin arrived in Hokitika by Virtue

Lauderbacke’s crate should have been arrived by the same shipment but vanished



before dark

Te Rau Tawhare was in Arahura Valley and witnessed four men visited Crosbie Wells cottage.

Crosbie wells died.


Lauderback arrived at Crosbie wells’ cottage and found his dead

Anna wetherwell was found on the road 



Develin & physician went to Arahura Valley to collect Crosbie Wells’ body

The Deed was found in the fireplace by Devlin.  He kept it by himself.


Gascoign, the justice clerk, came from the court house to correct bail from Anna Wetherwell in the Police Camp



Anna was called by the court house for hearing and admmitted everything.

Devlin buried Corsbie Wells in the grave.



Four thousand ponds were found in Crosbie Wells’ cottage.


Thursday 18th

Lydia showed up as Wells’ wife.


Satureday 27 Jan 1866

Thomas Balfour found Lauderback’s crate was missing.

Balfour and Alistair Lauderback had meeting in the dining room of the Palace Hotel in Revell-street.

Balfour heard Lauderback made Godspeed to Francis Carver, but his name was Wells when he signed on the paper.

Balfour leaned that Lauderback was blackmaled by Carver because he had an affair with Lydia and taken over Godspeed.

Carver had been trafficking gold(maybe) which was tacked in woman’s dresses to Melbourn.

Balfour could not tell Lauderback that his shipping crate was missing.  


Balfour had a conversation with Te Rau Tawhare.  Te Rau Tawhare was a good friend of Crosbie Wells and mourned his death.  He witnessed a man visited Crosbie Wells before his death besides Lauderback and his men.


Balfour visited the bank and confirmed that Carver did not had no 

miner’s right. Also, he gained Aurura Mine’s share.  Moreover, he found Emery Staines was vanished two weeks ago.  He was a owner of Aurora.


Balfour also heard that Carver was on the convict labour  for 10 years under the supervision of Shepard.  He had trafficked Opium.


Walter Moody arrived in Hokitika, and visited the smoking room of the Crown Hotel.  

12 men were there.


The Luminaries























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